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About MedAffinity
MedAffinity began by listening to the concerns that doctors and their administrative staff had with first-generation medical records systems. The result is a certified second-generation EHR software that delivers intuitive, modern performance.

Unlike other EHRs, MedAffinity EHR is designed to make the notewriting process feel as natural as possible, with an interface that looks, acts, and feels like a real note. But in the background, MedAffinity harnesses the full capability of data-driven computing to deliver powerful data capture and speed the notewriting process.‚Äč And because of our flexible interface, MedAffinity EHR easily adapts to new documentation requirements without delays or costly upgrades.

MedAffinity's Billing Monitor allows both onsite office staff and offsite billing services secure, instantaneous access to billing codes and full documentation the minute a note is saved, plus one-click transfer into your office billing system.  

To see how MedAffinity can improve your practice, schedule a free demo today. Because the more you know about EHR, the better we look.
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